How to Get Wrinkles Out of Denim

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Things You'll Need

  • Washer

  • Dryer

  • Hanger

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

  • Steamer

Denim is a very popular and versatile material that goes well with just about any piece of clothing. Today, denim jeans and jackets are a fashion staple in most people's wardrobes and can usually be worn a couple of times before needing to be washed. However, not washing and drying after each use will increase the chances of the material being wrinkled. Leave your jacket or jeans crumpled on the floor or in the laundry bin and they are likely to become a wrinkled mess. Do not worry if this happens, because there are several different things you can do to get the wrinkles out.


Step 1

Dry your denim in the dryer. The dryer not only serves as a great way of removing wetness from your clothing, it helps get the wrinkles out as well. After washing your denim clothing, follow the care instructions on the tag for drying. Put the wet clothing in the dryer and run the cycle until it is completely dry. Remove it promptly when the cycle is over and the denim is dry. Leaving the denim in the dryer for even a few minutes after the cycle stops may cause it to wrinkle up.


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Step 2

Remove denim from the wash promptly if you do not wish to dry it. Hang the item up immediately by folding it over a hanger and smooth out the material by pressing it between your hands and running your hands down.

Step 3

Follow the ironing instructions on your denim clothing. Turn your iron to the highest setting named on the denim label and run your iron over every inch of your material until all the wrinkles have been smoothed away. This may take a little bit of time if your denim material is jeans and extremely wrinkled. If the label suggests not ironing, you may want to turn the material inside and cool iron it or iron it on the lowest setting available. Do this at your own risk as the care instructions recommend the best way to care for the garment.


Step 4

Use a steamer if you do not want to iron your wrinkled denim. Hang the denim on a hanger and run the steamer up and down the material until the wrinkles flatten and disappear.

Step 5

Hang up your denim material immediately after taking it out of the dryer, ironing it or wearing it to prevent new wrinkles from appearing.


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