How to Make Labels for Perfume Bottles

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Make Labels for Perfume Bottles

Making your own perfume and cologne is a great idea for affordable, homemade gift giving. If you find that you have a knack for making perfume, you might even decide to turn your hobby into a profitable business. To give your bottles a more professional appearance, make labels for your perfume bottles. Your perfume bottle labels can describe the fragrance, display your "brand" and include instructions on how to use the perfume. You can create simple but lovely labels using your computer.


Step 1

Decide what size labels will fit the perfume bottles you are using. Purchase a pack of label paper for your printer in a suitable size.

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Step 2

Open Microsoft Word. Insert a picture onto the blank page. If you are using Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier, point to "Picture" from the "Insert" menu and click on "From File" or "Clip Art." In Word 2007, go to the "Insert" tab of the ribbon and click on "Picture" or "Clip Art." Find a background picture that you want to use for your perfume labels and click "Insert."


Step 3

Click on the picture to select it. Right click and choose "Format Picture." Go to the "Size" tab of the "Format Picture" dialog box and change the width and height to fit the dimensions of your label, then click "OK."

Step 4

Click the picture again to make sure it is still selected. Open the "Envelopes and Labels" dialog box. In Word 2007, go to the "Mailings" tab and click on "Labels" in the "Create" section. In earlier versions of Word, point to "Letters and Mailings" in the "Tools" menu and then click on "Envelopes and Labels." Make sure that you are on the "Labels" tab and that "Full Page of the Same Label" is selected in the "Print" section.


Step 5

Click the "Options" button and find the "Product Number" that matches the labels you purchased. This number will be on the package. Click to select it and then click "OK." Click the "New Document" button. A page of labels, with the picture you chose, will open.


Step 6

Insert a text box over the first label. In Word 2007 go to the "Insert" tab and click "Text Box." In previous versions of Word, go to the "Insert" menu and click on "Text Box." Right click the text box and click "Format Text Box." On the "Colors and Lines" tab choose "No Fill" for Fill Color and "No Line" in the Line Color section, then click "OK."


Step 7

Type your label into the text box. Apply a decorative font style and change the font color if you wish. Copy the text box and paste it onto the remaining labels. Print onto the label paper and adhere the labels to the perfume bottles.


Look for a picture or clip art that has a blank area (see example). This will make is easier to add text. Make your picture lighter before making the label by right clicking it, clicking on "Format Picture" and choosing "Washout" in the "Color" section.



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