How to Grout Groutable Vinyl Tiles

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Things You'll Need

  • Acrylic-based vinyl tile grout

  • Hard, epoxy grout float

  • Water

  • Grout sponge

Newer versions of vinyl tiles often include the option of a 1/4-inch grout joint between the tiles. Filling this joint helps make the tile floor water resistant, as well as less likely to attract debris or dirt between the edges of the tiles. Grouting vinyl tiles differs slightly from grouting hard tiles in a number of ways. When done properly, however, grouted vinyl tiles are a durable and attractive floor tile option.


Step 1

Scoop a small amount of the acrylic-based grout onto the end of the hard grout float. Apply the grout directly onto the joints of the vinyl tiles. Hold the float at nearly vertical as you drag it across the joints. Do not spread the grout across the entire surface of the vinyl tile as you would a hard tile. Only apply grout to between six and eight tiles at a time.


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Step 2

Remove excess grout from the vinyl tiles immediately with the edge of the float. Hold the float closer to a 45-degree angle and drag it diagonally across the tiles to scrape up excess grout. Move the float back to a 90-degree angle as you approach the grout joints to avoid digging the grout back out of the narrow joints.


Step 3

Wait 10 minutes for the grout to begin to harden slightly. Using a non-abrasive grout sponge, begin to remove the excess grout from the surface of the vinyl tiles. Work the sponge in a circular motion over the tiles, stopping frequently to rinse the sponge with clean water. Periodically hold a loose tile up to the freshly grouted tiles to compare the color and check for haze. If haze exists, continue to wash the tiles until perfectly clean. Continue to the next row of tiles.

Step 4

Wait a full 24 hours for the grout to completely dry before allowing heavy traffic or cleaning over the newly installed and grouted tiles.


Groutable vinyl tiles can be grouted the same day they are installed; there is no waiting period as with hard tiles.


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