How to Get Wrinkles Out of Tulle

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Tulle is a mesh fabric that's used to make everything from ballet tutus to wedding veils. Unlike cotton fabric, simply ironing tulle on high heat is not the answer to removing the wrinkles. The tulle must be handled with care, or else it could rip or burn under the heat of the iron.


In some cases, tulle only needs some breathing room to remove the wrinkles. This is true of any tulle that has been flattened for shipping or folded and stored in a container for a long period of time.


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This method requires a lot of time, but not much hands-on work. If you can spare a few days, this may be the only method you need to remove the wrinkles.

Hang the tulle from a hanger, making sure the tulle is not touching the ground. Wait for a few days, then check the tulle to see if the wrinkles are removed. If there are still wrinkles, you will need to try another method.


Set the iron on the lowest possible temperature setting. Place a cotton sheet or handkerchief on top of the tulle as a pressing cloth to protect the tulle from burning. Move the iron back and forth over the cloth quickly to remove wrinkles.



If you have any scraps of the tulle, test the iron on the scraps before using it on the tulle item to avoid any unexpected reactions to the heat.


There are a couple different ways you can steam tulle to remove the wrinkles.


Hang the tulle in your bathroom on a towel rack. Run a hot shower, closing the bathroom door to trap the steam inside. Let the shower run for several minutes, then check the tulle to see if the steam shower successfully removed the wrinkles.


Hand-Held Steamer

If a steam shower does not remove the wrinkles, a hand-held steamer is a reliable alternative. When using the steamer, do not hold it directly over the tulle. Hold the steamer a few inches away, frequently checking the tulle as you work to be sure it is not getting too hot.



Hang the tulle from a hanger and hang it in an accessible place like a towel rack or the back of a door. Fill a spray bottle with water, then lightly mist the tulle's wrinkled areas. Allow the tulle to dry completely on the hanger.


Alternately, you can also add a tablespoon of fabric softener to the spray bottle solution. This can help soften and release stubborn wrinkles. Some fabric softeners even make special wrinkle release formulas.


If you are misting a tulle item, such as a skirt or tutu, hang it upside down before misting it to give the tulle a fluffier, fuller drape.

Professional Steaming

If your tulle item is especially precious, like a wedding dress or veil, then you may not want to attempt to get the wrinkles out yourself. If this is the case, take the item to a professional dry cleaner who can safely remove the wrinkles.



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