How to secure a fresh Christmas tree to the top of your car

Things You'll Need

  • Rope

  • Patience

  • A Car

Fresh Christmas tree

Ahhhh Christmas! You take the family out to pick the perfect fresh Christmas tree. You found it! You cut right through the trunk, the tree is loose and it's yours! You triumphantly carry it to the car. It's time to tie the fresh Christmas tree down onto the car. Holiday music fades and cursing ensues! Follow these easy steps to securely tie your tree down to the car for a safe and stress free ride home!

Step 1

The first step to tying the tree down onto the car is to place the fresh Christmas tree on the car, trunk of the tree facing forward. Open your car doors so that they do not get tied shut!

Step 2

Bowline Knot

Take the end of one side of the rope and tie a bowline knot. Throw the end with the loop over the top of the tree and wrap it around the trunk right in the middle of the tree.

Step 3

Take the rope through the inside of the car and pass one side through the loop made from the bowline knot. Pull all slack through and pull tight. Repeat this process at least twice more, once in the front of the tree and once in the rear of the tree. The rope should pass through the inside of the car 3 times.

Step 4

Half-hitch knot

Use the rope to tie half hitches around the base of the trunk. Then tie half hitches along each of the ropes passing into the car on the way back. Pass the rope under the open trunk and close it. Tie half hitches along each of the ropes passing into the car on the other side of the car.

Step 5

On Your Way Home with your Fresh Christmas tree tied to the roof

Take the remaining part of the rope inside the car and secure it. The Christmas tree should be securely tied to the car.


Use a tarp if wanted to cover the tree. If you have a rack on your roof - don't use this method! 1/4 rope is a good size to use. This or smaller would be best. Use gloves to protect your hands. It doesn't hurt to ask! If this is too much for you ... ask for help, and then tip!


Make sure there are no loose loops of rope laying inside the car. Drive slowly anyway. Even if you think it is tightly secure, the tree will fare better with cautious driving.