How to Fluff a Christmas Tree

When you pull out that artificial tree after storing it for nearly a year, you may be faced with the daunting task of getting that tree to look alive again in time for the holidays. The branches of the tree may very well be flattened out. There is a system by which you can fluff up the branches, so to speak, to get a more aesthetically pleasing tree. Many people go about this the wrong way and never quite achieve the right natural look or actually create big, time-consuming headaches for themselves.

Step 1

Start from the bottom up. If you start from the top, and with the shorter branches, you'll run into major problems in terms of trying to get the branches to go in the direction you want them to go by the time you get to the end of the fluffing process.

Step 2

Begin with the back of the branch. This is the part that is inserted into the hole in the tree core. That way, when you get to the front of the branch, you know where to fill in to make it look full.

Step 3

Think: up and out. Starting with the back of the branch, move each finger of the branch up and out. Most of the bigger branches are going to have five of these fingers or smaller branches.

Step 4

Remember that as you move up the tree, the fingers will come in sections of three on each branch. Make the back one perpendicular. Make the next one in a V-shape with a line through it. The next one will be a perpendicular line, and for all of the front ones all the way up the tree, there will typically be five fingers. The three on the top should be positioned outward, and then there should be two positioned downward so it looks like a star exploding facing you.

Step 5

Put the top portion of the tree on after the rest of the tree has been fluffed. Push the top portion down to make it even and blend it together with the rest of the tree.