How to Get Melted Crayon Out of Dryers and Clothing

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Melted crayon stains require prompt attention.

Removing melted wax stains requires both patience and the adherence to a sequence of measured steps. The accidental placement of crayons in a dryer load causes most melted wax stains, and removal involves treating both the clothing and the interior of the dryer. Using common items such as household bleach and WD-40 lubricant can help with stain removal and clothing maintenance. As a rule, the removal of melted crayon wax also calls for the application of readily available elbow grease.


Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels

  • Cloth towels

  • WD-40

  • Color-safe bleach

  • Liquid dish soap

Step 1

Gather your cleaning materials. Secure a time-keeping device, such as a wristwatch or a wall-mounted clock, to help you adhere to the proper time periods required to remove the crayon stains.

Step 2

Inspect the dryer and clothing. Look inside the clothes dryer to determine the location of the melted crayons and the size of the stains. Thoroughly look over all articles of clothing to identify the exact location of the stains and the extent of the damage. Lay the clothing on a flat surface so the stain remains visible and to prevent additional staining due to the fabric crumpling or overlapping.


Step 3

Remove the melted crayon from the clothing. Place the stained portion of the clothing directly on top of a stack of paper towels on a nonporous, flat surface. Spray the stained area with WD-40 lubricant and wait for approximately five minutes.

Step 4

Turn over the article of clothing, spray it again with WD-40 and wait five minutes. Apply liquid dish soap to the stain and scrub gently, using a circular motion. Check the paper towels beneath the clothing for absorption of the crayon wax, liquid dish soap and lubricant. Replace the paper towels as needed.


Step 5

Wash the clothing. Make sure you have removed any large areas of crayon debris. Use hot water and the heavy soil setting on the washing machine, if available. Wash the clothing with color-safe bleach. Rinse the clothing using the machine's warm water setting.

Step 6

Clean the dryer. Use liquid dish soap and a dry towel to remove melted crayon wax from the interior of the dryer. Using a circular motion, scrub off the melted wax while removing loose debris from the dryer drum. Place several dry cloth towels in the dryer and run the dryer through a normal cycle. Run the washed articles of clothing through a normal dryer cycle to complete the wax removal process.