How to Reuse Old Laundry Baskets

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Short, open laundry basket

In almost every home, you can find laundry baskets. Should you decide to replace one, chances are you will just throw it out, or put it in recycling. If this is what you do, you may be throwing away some valuable storage space. Laundry baskets don't have to be used just to store your dirty or clean clothes. Consider re-purposing those old laundry baskets that are lying around the house.


Step 1

Use laundry baskets to store your unused gift supplies. The taller laundry baskets that have a lid can make for some great storage for your bows, wrapping paper rolls, gift bags and tape. They will keep your items clean and organized. They are usually thin and small enough that they can fit in a limited space.


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Step 2

Make a recycling bin for inside of your house. Many people have a box in their home that they toss their recycling into until they can bring it to a recycling center or put it into a bigger container outside. Consider using laundry baskets as recycling bins in your home. Laundry baskets with or without a lid will do. If it's a larger, heavy one, you may want to put a garbage bag in it so you can just take the bag out instead of lugging the entire basket outside.


Step 3

Create donation containers. Occasionally you probably go through your clothes or other items and put what you don't want in a pile to get rid of. If you happen to run across a shirt or toy that you don't want, toss it in one of your old laundry baskets. When the baskets get filled, you can sort through the items and decide what you want to sell, give away or pass on to someone else. Larger laundry baskets would work well as it gives you more space to use.


Step 4

Store extra blankets and sheets in the laundry baskets. You can always put them in a linen closet, but some of these closets are so small that large, fluffy blankets can take up most of the space. Consider storing them in a tall laundry basket that has a lid. They will stay clean, out of the way and organized.


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