How to Make a Die Cutter

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood blocks

  • Tire tube rubber pieces

  • One edge die blades (die rule)

  • Chisel

  • Hammer mallet

  • Glue

Making the same shape repeatedly can be a daunting task for scrapbook enthusiasts. Intricate designs that must be mass-produced can be cut with a die cutter. This tool can cut multiple objects into the same shapes. To do this, you can make your own die cutter for each project. It makes a difficult job easy if you use a die cutter to cut multiple pieces of stock material into the same shapes.


Step 1

Cut the wood block bigger than the piece you intend to reproduce. Measure the original piece. Add an extra 2 inches to the block so the base of the die cutter can fit the original design with at least an extra inch around the outside of the design.

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Step 2

Glue a piece of tire tube rubber onto the wood die cutter block. The rubber will add grip to the die cutter blades, and they will remain in the same position and depth longer.


Step 3

Trace the design of the original piece onto the rubber of the die cutter. Maintain the original design's shape and size. Once the die cutter is finished, it can replicate the piece.

Step 4

Use a chisel to cut the design into the die block that is topped with rubber. Hammer the chisel into the block along the outline of the design. Strike the chisel and drive the cutting edge 1/4 inch into the block and rubber. This is where you will place the die cutting blades into the block. Set the chisel edge into the block only once and at the same depth as the other cut lines into the block. This will create a place for the die cutter blade (rule) to set into the block and rubber and secure the bond between the wood and metal cutting edges.


Step 5

Glue the back edge of the die cutter blade rule prior to inserting it into the die cutting block. Cut and place the die cutting rule into the chisel marks in the block. Use a second block of wood to tap the blades into the die cutter block so that the blades extend out from the block at the same height. The die cutter is ready.


Use super glue to secure the cutting bladesto the wood block. This will create a bond that will last longer than any wood glues or adhesives.


Die rule (blades) are extremely sharp. Wear protective clothing and eye wear.


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