How to Use Bed Risers to Maximize Storage Space

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If you think you've filled every possible bit of storage space in your home, look under your bed. Even if it's jammed with hastily hidden away suitcases and boxes, you can reclaim an organized storage space by going up, rather than out. Inexpensive bed risers, plastic or wooden, can add 3 to 8 inches of extra height, which adds up fast. Raising a twin bed a mere 5 inches, translates into 17 cubic feet of found space. Use your additional space to organize with under the bed storage bins and boxes.


Step 1

Maximize storage space in the bedroom by clearing everything out under the bed in preparation for the new bed risers. Set all the items stored under the bed aside to be sorted through later. Use a dust mop to clean the under bed area.

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Step 2

Prepare four bed risers for a twin or full bed. A king or queen size bed will need additional risers to support the middle of the frame.

Step 3

Place the risers under each corner of the bed. If the mattress and box spring are already in place, have one person lift the corner of the box spring and mattress while the other slides the riser under each leg. Position the leg of the frame in the ridge at the top of each riser. Place risers first under both legs at the bottom of bed, then the legs at the head. If there are more than four legs, position the bed risers under center support legs last.


Step 4

Sort through the items that were under your bed and evaluate what else you want to store under the bed. Decide what style of under-bed containers work best for you.

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