How to Make a Gift Bow

A beautiful bow adds style and flair to any present. It almost doesn't matter what is inside the box because the bow for the gift is so pretty.

A gift bow dresses up any gift. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Things You’ll Need

Wire ribbon can be used to make the bow. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

• Ribbon • Scissors • Wrapped gift box

Step 1: Choose the Ribbon

Choose the ribbon based on the size of your gift. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Select your ribbon. Wider, thicker ribbon works best for a more dramatic bow.

Step: 2: Cut the Ribbon

Use sharp scissors to cut the ribbon. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Place your ribbon around the gift box and measure equally on both sides. Cut the ribbon using your scissors.

Step 1: Tie the Ribbon

The knot will help secure the bow. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Tie a knot with your cut ribbon.

Step 2: Fold the Ribbon Into an Accordion

Hold the ribbon securely with your fingers. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Cut a new piece ribbon to the desired length and fold it like an accordion.

Step 3: Cut Diagonal Slits

Cut diagonal slits into the ribbon. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Now that your ribbon is folded into an accordion shape, hold the middle and cut diagonal slits on either side of your ribbon.

Step 4: Fasten the Bow

Tie the ribbon to the gift box. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Fasten your newly cut ribbon to the gift box and tie down with the excess ribbon from step 1.

Step 5: Secure the Bow

Fluff up the ribbon to complete the bow. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Secure your bow with another knot and fluff up your ribbon for effect. You can cut off any excess ribbon to your liking.

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