How to Build a Champagne Fountain

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Things You'll Need

  • Champagne glasses

  • Retention tray

  • Carpenter’s level

  • Circular or square mirror base.

  • Cardboard

  • Champagne

Champagne fountains add a touch of elegance.

Popular at wedding receptions and office parties, a champagne fountain offers a fun way to toast the happy event. Layers of carefully arranged champagne glasses rise in a crystal clear pyramid. This provides a solitary top glass where you will pour the champagne. Watch as it runs over and fills the glasses beneath. While it’s not difficult to build a champagne fountain, a few tricks will make your fountain a success.


Step 1

Begin from the base up. For a champagne fountain to fill all the glasses, you must start with a level base. The table you use must be sturdy to prevent wobbling if bumped.

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Step 2

Hold a carpenter’s level along the top of the table to make sure it is level. Since there are four legs on the table, make sure you check all four sides. Use bits of thin cardboard under the table legs to level it if needed.


Step 3

Put your table covering on. Position the retention tray. Because some of the glasses will usually fill up quicker than others, you will have some overflow. A retention tray can be any tray with sides to catch the spilled champagne. Most caterers cover the outside of retention trays to match the theme of the event.


Step 4

Place a pedestal in the center of the retention tray. Put the mirrored base on top.

Step 5

Position the first glass in the center of a circular base or use four glasses in the center of a square base. Continue adding glasses to the outside. On a square base, make sure the glasses are parallel to the sides of the base.


Step 6

Stack the second layer by placing the champagne glasses carefully on top of the bottom layer. The idea is to place the glass so the base rests upon the small space between the glasses. In this manner, as the champagne spills over, it will fill the glasses below.

Step 7

Continue to add layers of glasses until you reach the uppermost single glass. Take your time. Just one bump, and your champagne fountain could end up in a million pieces.


Anticipate one bottle of champagne for every six guests. If champagne flutes are used, figure one bottle for every nine flutes. Even with careful leveling, there are slight variations in the rims of most champagne glasses that may cause the champagne to drain unevenly.


Even a slight bump to the table can be disastrous. Make sure the area is not in a well-traveled part of the party.



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