How to Dry Fresh Thyme

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Why buy expensive jars of thyme when it is less expensive and very easy to dry your own? Follow a few instructions to dry your own fresh thyme and have it on hand for your favorite recipes.

Step 1

Shake the branches to remove any dust or dirt. Washing the branches only improves the chances that the thyme will mildew instead of drying properly.


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Step 2

Group the branches into small bunches with the stems all going in the same direction. The group of stems should be no thicker than your little finger.

Step 3

Tie the stems together just tight enough to hold them together. If they are too tight air circulation might be hampered; if they're too loose, they'll fall apart.


Step 4

Hang these tied bunches, stems up, in an area where there is good air circulation and out of direct sunlight. It will take about 10 days to dry completely.

Step 5

Once the thyme is completely dry, untie the string and break the thyme into small pieces. Store in a glass jar with a good seal.


Tie a small ribbon around the stems to make a lovely air freshener for your kitchen or for a gift. Tiny sprigs of dried herbs can add a nice touch to your table--just tuck them into a linen napkin.


Don't try to dry herbs in a humid area such as a cellar or a bathroom as it increases the chances of growing mold and mildew on the herbs, making them useless.


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