How to Make Paper Pulp

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Things You'll Need

  • Scraps of paper

  • Disposable aluminum pan

  • Dish rags

  • Blender

Crafting your own paper is a great way to recycle paper scraps that you have around your home. You can then create distinctive artwork out of your homemade paper. The first step in making paper is making paper pulp. The pulp will eventually be turned into the paper, so take your time to make sure it is a quality pulp.


Step 1

Prepare your area. Making paper pulp can be quite messy, so cover your area with a tarp or tablecloth to protect your furniture. Have rags handy to clean up any spills.

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Step 2

Choose paper to use for the project. You can use any type of paper you wish. Tissue paper is a good choice, and you can add colored construction paper to create different colors. Newspaper also works well.

Step 3

Consider using toilet tissue, facial tissue or paper towels. These will create a softer, white paper. For a stiffer white paper, use unused computer printer paper.

Step 4

Tear paper scraps into 1 inch squares. The size does not have to be exact. You will need 4 cups of paper squares.


Step 5

Soak the scraps of paper in warm water for 2 hours. This will make the paper very soggy, which will help it to blend well.

Step 6

Put warm water in the blender, filling it half full. Add paper, and blend them on medium speed. You want to have a pulp with a consistency like soup. Blend it long enough that you can no longer see any individual pieces of paper. Your pulp is now ready to use in your mold.


Experiment with different papers and blending times. You can create various colors and textures by doing this.


You may want to wear an apron when doing this project, as the paper pulp can get on your clothes and is difficult to get out.


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