How to Apply Doll Hair

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Things You'll Need

  • Cloth doll body

  • Yarn, twine or purchased doll hair.

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • Large rug needle

  • Small needle

  • Thread to match the hair

  • Sewing machine

  • Scissors

Hand Made Doll

There are several basic ways to attach doll hair. Knotting the hair in place is one way. Hand sewing a store bought or handmade wig is another. The easiest way is to attach doll hair with hot glue, but this should only used for dolls that you are going to display not handle frequently.


Step 1

Select the type of doll hair that will achieve the desired effect. If using yarn select color and texture of yarn for hair. Some yarns make more realistic hair than others. Mohair, angora and chenille are interesting choices.

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Step 2

Decide on the technique you want to use to attach hair. Are you planning to give the dolls to a young child? Choose the knotting or hand sewn method.

Step 3

Cut hair twice the desired length plus several inches. Cut the yarn into two foot length pieces. You will use about half a skein for one 20 inch doll. For a smaller or larger doll adjust the length you cut.

Step 4

Lay the yarn out flat with about a two to four inch width and sew down the center of the yarn, creating a part in the hair. This will create a wig to be hand sewn down the center of the doll’s head from the top forehead half way down the back.


Step 5

Take strips of yarn and dab a small drop of hot glue on the top seam of the dolls head to attach with the hot glue method. Start at the top on the head and work down both sides to the ear area. Place yarn side by side, gluing in the center of the yarn piece. Dab one dab of glue at a time and hold hair in place until it dries. Add some rows of hair in the back. The back rows do not need to be so close together.


Step 6

Take two pieces of yarn and thread them through the large rug needle to use the knotting method. The needle should be pulled half way through the yarn. Using the same pattern of application used for the gluing method, start at the top of the head and work your way down to the ear area. Punch the need into the front top of the head and pull out the back about a quarter each from where you stuck the needle in. Tie with a square knot. Do a few rows in the back of the head further apart.

Step 7

Give the doll a hair cut to even out the hair. Add ribbons.


When using hot glue use great care to not get glue on skin. Keep a bowl of ice water close by. If you drop glue on your hand, put your hand in the water and it will stop the burn.


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