How to Make a Jumping Toothpick

Entertaining is what some people like to do best. It can be their "forte" so to speak. But sometimes you would like to have something to contribute to the other peoples enjoyment. A nice and simple trick you can try is the how to make a jumping toothpick trick. It is very east, but the results of seeing it is mind boggling to others. Once you get the hand of this trick, you can make any toothpick almost look alive.

Step 1

Hold one toothpick between your thumb and your index finger. Firmly hold at one end of the stick so that most of it is sticking out over the rest of your folded fingers.

Step 2

Rest the fingernail of your middle finger on the same side of the toothpick that your thumb is on. For best results, rest it toward the bottom of the nail and right against the thumb. This may sound tricky, but if followed closely, you will get the hang of it.

Step 3

Take the other toothpick that you have and rest one end of it towards the middle of the free end of the first toothpick. The other end of the toothpick should freely be resting on the open fingers in your hand. Now here is the fun part. Slowly slide the fingernail that is resting on the toothpick slowly down with a little pressure on the toothpick. As you slide it down, the other toothpick should jump.

Step 4

Find a video. If you are unsure on how to do this trick, ask someone who knows how to do it to show you or find a video that gives you an example of this trick. It really is a cool trick to show others.

Step 5

Practice. Practicing this trick will make you seem like an expert. Play around with different toothpick angles and see what other new cool tricks you can come up with.