How to Freeze Salmon

This piece will give basic instructions on how to safely freeze salmon.

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Cleaning the Salmon

Salmon can be frozen either whole or in pre-cut pieces. It is imperative that it is not kept frozen for more than a few weeks and in as well wrapped condition as possible. Scaling, skinning and de-boning should be done prior to freezing as the meat does get more fragile after thawing.

For pre-cut pieces, take a paper towel and dry the fish as much as possible. Insure that any excess fat is removed. Place the salmon onto a long (3-4 times as long as the fish) piece of plastic. Pulling the plastic tight, wrap it around the fish, insuring the sides are included. Eliminate as much air as possible. When that is accomplished, place in a sealable freezer bag, pressing it to eliminate as much as as possible. Place in freezer and keep it from being crushed by anything on top of it.

For the whole salmon, dry as you would a pre cut piece. Have it gutted, scaled and dried prior to wrapping. Tightly wrap it in a manner that will cover the whole salmon tightly. If there is a freezer bag that fits it, place it gently in the bag. If not, use tape to seal up the end and freeze. Use as quickly as possible. Thaw it in a refrigerator a few hours prior to use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Find as fresh a fish as possible.
  • Clean the fish prior to freezing.
  • Use it as soon as possible.
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