How to Crack a Peanut

How to Crack a Peanut. Whether you are out a baseball game or just looking for a quick snack, eating peanuts is always a lot of fun. These crunchy treats are surrounded by a hardened shell that hold anywhere from 1 to 3 nuts inside. Here are some tips on how to crack a peanut for your next snack.

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Place the peanut between your finger tips.

Apply pressure to the peanut by squeezing your fingers until you feel the outside of the shell break.

Hold the cracked peanut in the palm of your hand and remove the nuts from the shell. A lot of times they will fall right out. Other times, you will need to remove additional pieces of shell to access the nut.

Repeat the process over and over with more peanuts until you've had your fill.

Tips & Warnings

  • While all natural, peanuts do have a high fat content. For a healthier nut, look to the walnut. While it has a similar amount of fat, it is full of the heart healthy Omega-3 oil.
  • Make sure to include a bowl or bag to toss your peanut shells in as you eat your snack. Though, if you are at a ball park or some bars, it is perfectly acceptable to simply toss the peanuts on the ground once you are done eating.
  • If you are watching your blood pressure, look for peanuts that are unsalted. Also, peanuts that are already out of the shell and "dry roasted" will have a few grams less of fat per serving.
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