How to Remove the Burn Smell from Rice

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Even slightly burning the bottom layer of rice can make the whole batch smell burnt.
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It happens to everyone: Things get a little hectic in the kitchen, and the next thing you know, the pot of rice on the stove has started to burn. While you can avoid scraping up the burnt black bits at the bottom of the pot, your otherwise fluffy, cooked rice still has an unpleasant burnt smell. You can fix this by adding in material to absorb the unpleasant scent, helping you salvage your rice.


Use an Absorber

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To get rid of the burnt smell from your rice, do not stir the rice -- this will mix the burnt grains in with the rest, ruining the whole pot of rice. Carefully scoop out the unburnt grains and transfer them to a mixing bowl. Lay a slice of white bread or the papery outer skins of onions over the rice. Cover the rice with a lid and let the rice sit for several minutes. The bread or onion skins will absorb the burnt scent from the rice. If your rice burns before it is fully cooked, lay raw potato slices over the rice -- the starch in the potatoes absorb the scent as the rice finishes cooking.

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