How to Make a Special Presentation on a Father's Day Program

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Things You'll Need

  • little white board or illustration board will do

  • chalk for illustration board, white board pens if you will use white board

  • eraser

  • question facts about dad's likes, dislikes or everything about dad

  • children's participation

Father's day is a very special one for all fathers. It is the time where we would honor them and show them our love. To render special presentation for father's day is something that our dad will never forget. Make it fun and memorable.

Step 1

Let all the kids be the participants of this presentation. This is applicable to older kids who already know how to read and write.


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Step 2

Let all the kids sit in front facing the audience. It is still fine if the father has only one child, this would still work. Give them the materials like the board and the chalk or pen.

Step 3

Ask them questions like, when is your father's birthday, what is dad's favorite dish, favorite show, favorite shirt, favorite place, things he first do in the morning etc. Ask all positive things that dad would be happy to hear.

Step 4

Ask these questions one by one and let them answer it. After writing their answer for each question, let Dad check if they answered it right before you proceed to the next question, answers must be checked first.

Step 5

You can add more questions as you wish that pertains to their dad. In variation, you can let the father join his kids and he would also write his answer to the question. When they are all done, let them show their works to the audience. If kids have same answer with their father, that simply means, the kid is very close to his father because he knows the detail about his father.

Step 6

Let the kid say something about his father as a tribute on father's day.


It would be nice if after the presentation they will give token to their father like pens, book mark or anything that their father would love to have. They can also give a short speech or poem to their father after the presentation, that would be nice.


Video of the Day

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