How to Cut Floral Foam for Flower Arrangements

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How to Cut Floral Foam for Flower Arrangements. Fresh or artificial flowers add a spark of happiness and freshness to any event or décor. Using floral foam to make arrangements helps you make the arrangement of cut flowers and foliage more structurally sound than just free floating in water or an empty vase.


Step 1

Select the correct floral foam for your floral arrangement or project; green foam for fresh arrangements and brown, stiff foam for dried and artificial flowers. There is also foam for both types of arrangements, fresh and non-fresh. Examine the different types at a craft store before buying it. Soak the fresh floral foam floral foam for fresh cuts before you cut it.


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Step 2

Measure the container you are using for the arrangement and cut the floral foam to fit inside the container but to stick out of the top of the container about 1 inch. Having 1 inch over the top allows you to insert flowers at angles besides just straight up. With floral foam that sits completely inside the container, you can only place flowers in to the foam in one direction; straight up.


Step 3

Cut the floral foam with a serrated kitchen knife, hacksaw, floral knife or X-acto knife. Use wax from an old candle to wax the blade of any knife you use to make smoother, less jagged cuts. Cut several pieces of floral foam or a thick piece of foam with an electric knife you no longer use. Keep any kitchen knife you use for floral foam cutting separate from the knives you use to prepare food.

Step 4

Store cut soaked pieces in a plastic storage bag to prevent it from drying out. Once the foam dries out it is difficult to resoak it.


Avoid getting foam in your eyes; floral foam is messy when you cut it or over handle it.



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