How to Connect Hoses to a Pressure Washer

Things You'll Need

  • Power washer

  • Garden hose

  • Water supply

  • Power washer wand

  • Wand hose

How to Connect Hoses to a Pressure Washer. Before you begin the process of using a power washer, prepare the tool for operation. If you stored it properly after the last use, the power washer hoses should be disconnected. Make sure your equipment is in good shape before connecting the water supply and wand hoses.

Step 1

Check your garden hose and the hose that connects the power washer wand to the machine. Make sure there are no holes, cuts or kinks in either hose.

Step 2

Make sure your water source is able to supply the amount of water needed to run the pressure washer. This usually is stated in gallons per minute (GPM). Figure out your water source gpm by filling a 5-gallon bucket. Take the amount of time it takes you divided by 5, is your gpm.

Step 3

Connect your garden hose, or garden supply hose, to the pressure washer first. Screw it on tightly, making sure the connection is on straight and tight.

Step 4

Observe both ends of the pressure washer wand hose. Confirm they're in good shape. Most have a snap and clip system to connect the hose. Pull the clip back and forth gently to test it.

Step 5

Clip the wand hose first to the wand by pulling the clip back, inserting the wand connection, and closing the clip. Connect the opposite end to the power washer by doing the same.

Step 6

Turn the power washer on to test your connections before you move the washer or beginning using it.


Checking over your equipment is especially important if you have rented the washer. Inspect it and ensure it's running properly, or report any problems before you start the job.