How do I Use the Samurai Shark?

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Things You'll Need

  • Samurai Sharpener

  • Edged blade

The Samurai Shark is a home blade sharpener. It uses two tungsten-carbide steel blades to sharpen the edge of metal tools. It is more portable and cheaper than most similar tools. It does sharpen blades, but not as effectively as a professional sharpener. The instructions to use the Samurai Shark are identical for any type of metal tool, such as knives, scissors, shears, and other edged tools.


Step 1

Place the Samurai Sharpener on the edge of a table or workbench. The slot at the end should be hanging over the edge.

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Step 2

Press the palm of one of your hands down on the handle of the Samurai Sharpener. This will hold the blade sharpener in place while it is being used.

Step 3

Press the bottom of to the blade to be sharpened into the slot. It should be in contact with the two sharpening blades inside the slot.

Step 4

Pull down the blade through the slot. This will run the entire length of the blade across the sharpening blades inside the slot.

Step 5

Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 until the blade is as sharp as desired. This will usually only take three repetitions.


The method used by the Samurai Shark to sharpen blades, while effective, is not the ideal way to sharpen a blade. It will reduce the life span of the blade even if the instructions to use are followed exactly. This is because each type of bladed tool requires a slightly different method of sharpening. The Samurai Shark blade sharpener is a quick solution to a dull blade. More expensive knives should be sharpened by a professional sharpener.


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