The Best Way to Store Firewood

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Firewood is cut and then must be stacked in a place where air can circulate and sunlight can reach the wood. This helps the firewood to cure and be ready when it is time to burn. You do not want the firewood to attract pests such as carpenter ants and termites to your home, so locate the primary wood storage area somewhat away from the house. After you select your firewood storage location, you must devise a way to keep the firewood off the ground. Contact with the ground will encourage pests and rot to destroy your firewood. You will need to purchase or build a rack to lift the firewood off the ground.


Firewood must be kept dry in order to cure and burn properly.

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Things You'll Need

  • Firewood

  • Home-Built Or Purchased Firewood Rack Or Shed

Step 1

Determine the best location for your firewood storage based on sunlight, wind or ventilation, at a convenient distance from the exterior walls of your home.


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Step 2

Determine the appearance you prefer for your firewood rack. You may prefer one that looks like a shed, or a simple rack made of metal may suit your needs. Build your firewood rack yourself or purchase one to assemble at home. Another option is to hire a contractor to build a firewood rack for you.


Step 3

Decide how you will protect the wood from rain and snow. Some purchased racks have a vinyl cover or a roof over the wood. Once wood is cured, you may prefer to tarp it. If you live in an arid climate, it is fine to leave the firewood uncovered.

Step 4

Estimate the amount of firewood you will use per year. This will help you determine the size of firewood rack you will need. If you only burn firewood occasionally, your firewood rack will be much smaller than that of someone who heats their home with firewood all winter.


Step 5

Set your firewood rack up in the desired location. Stack your wood loosely enough that the wind can pass through. This will help the wood cure properly. Check that your chosen area gets some sunlight.

Step 6

Stack firewood on the firewood rack and allow it to cure. Once the firewood is dry, you are ready to build a roaring fire.