How to Smoke Cornsilk

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Things You'll Need

  • Corn cob in husk.

  • Gummed rolling paper

How to Smoke Cornsilk. It may be hard to imagine, but there once was a time before television. You can recapture a little of that old time feeling with a trip to the woods and a corn silk smoke. Corn silk used to be a tobacco substitute for kids and even adults too poor to buy the real thing.


Step 1

Prepare the silk. Remove the husks and strip the corn silk from the cob. If you're grilling corn for a bar-b-cue you should have plenty. Wrap it in foil and dry it on the grill or in the oven.

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Step 2

Place a thick wad of corn silk on rolling paper. Pack or roll the silk tightly to control the burn (it's stringy, not cut into bits like tobacco.) This usually takes a little practice to get the right amount. Leave enough space at the edge of the paper to roll, and make sure the silk is spread evenly and consistently.


Step 3

Fold the paper at the middle and roll the cigarette outwards with your thumb. You want to wrap a tight cigarette so it doesn't burn to fast. Tuck the edge facing your thumbs and lick the gum to seal.

Step 4

Fire up and enjoy. Pass it to a friend. This is probably an experience you won't be trying again for a while.


You can also smoke corn silk in a cheap corncob pipe. Remember, the more tightly you pack it, the more even the burn. Use the base of a ballpoint pen as your tamper.


Corn silk smoke can burn your mouth and make you cough.


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