How to Make Bath Confetti

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Things You'll Need

  • Soap

  • Knife

  • Double boiler or soap kettle

  • Soap dye

  • Essential oils

  • Plastic containers

  • Metal cookie cutters

  • Plastic bags or jars

  • Labels

How to Make Bath Confetti. Making bath confetti out of soap is a great way to have fun creating a homemade gift item. Brightly colored, scented soaps are the best choice for making bath confetti. Choose soaps in a variety of different colors. An alternative option is to use white or clear soaps and dye them using soap dye. You can also use essential oils to add fragrance to bars of unscented soap.


Step 1

Chop each bar of soap into small pieces with a sharp knife, keeping the various colors separated. Add the matching pieces of soap to a soap kettle or double boiler.

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Step 2

Turn the heat setting to low because some of the additives that are in the soap could be flammable at higher temperatures. Keep an eye on the soap as it melts and stir it if needed.


Step 3

Remove the source of heat once the soap completely melts. If you're adding soap dyes or essential oils to the melted soap, pour just the amount of melted soap that you're altering into a separate container and add the color or fragrance.

Step 4

Pour a thin layer of soap into a shallow plastic container. Allow the soap to harden.


Step 5

Repeat Step 4 for each different color or scent of soap, using a separate container for each color or scent. You can add different colors to the same container if the intent is to create a swirl or two-tone effect.

Step 6

Cut shapes into the hardened soap with metal cookie cutters or a knife to create the bath confetti. Mix the shapes together, put them into a bag or jar and label.


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