How to Make a Whistle From a Straw

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic drinking straw

  • Scissors

  • Safety pin or other small, sharp object

How to Make a Whistle From a Straw. If you enjoy doing crafts projects with your child, then you will love learning how to make a whistle out of an everyday drinking straw. Not only is it an inexpensive project, but it also leaves your child with a musical instrument that plays real notes.


Step 1

Remove the straw from its paper wrapper if it has one.

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Step 2

Trim the straw to the desired length. The straw should be at least 4-inches long after you cut it. A shorter straw results in a higher-pitched sound while a longer straw produces a lower-pitched sound.

Step 3

Cut the edges off of the straw at a 45-degree angle at approximately 1 centimeter down from the tip. The tip should now look pointed and slanted.


Step 4

Make two to three round holes near the uncut tip of the straw. Use any moderately sharp object, like a safety pin, pen or scissors, to pierce these holes. Only cut through the top side of the straw. Avoid piercing through to the lower part of the straw tube.

Step 5

Firmly hold the uncut ends of the straw together until the tips are about 2mm apart. Be patient as this might take quite a while.

Step 6

Blow into the uncut, flattened end of the straw with your fingers positioned in various ways over the holes. Change the position of your fingers on the holes to modify the whistling sound.


If your straw will not make a whistling noise, try starting over with a new straw and adjusting the placement of the holes in Step 4. Skip Step 4 altogether if you want a whistle that makes noise at only one pitch level.