How to Make a Cupcake Tower

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Things You'll Need

  • Ball point straight pins

  • Satin ribbon

  • 8-inch-by-4-inch cake dummy

  • 6-inch-by-4-inch cake dummy

  • Scissors

  • Heavy wrapping paper

  • 18-inch cardboard cake round

  • 14-inch cardboard cake round

  • 10-inch cardboard cake round

  • Pencil

  • Glue stick

Impress your guests with an elegant cupcake display.

Create a stylish dessert table that adds a touch of elegance to your next party or gathering. Learn how to make your own cupcake tower so you can showcase your cupcakes, brownies, dessert bars, miniature cakes, cookies, candies or chocolates. Use complementary colors that match your party's theme when decorating your cupcake stand.


Step 1

Use a straight pin to secure the satin ribbon to the bottom edge of a cake dummy. Wrap the ribbon around the outside of the cake dummy, slightly overlapping and moving up each time you wrap it around the circle. Cut the ribbon and secure it in place with another pin when you reach the top. Decorate the outside of your second cake dummy with ribbon.

Step 2

Roll out your wrapping paper. Place the cardboard cake rounds on the paper. Use a pencil to trace each cake round. Cut out the circles and glue them to the top of your cake rounds.


Step 3

Place the decorated 8-inch-by-4-inch cake dummy on top of your largest cake round. Center it, using a pencil to mark the spot. Glue the dummy to the cake round. Let the glue dry.

Step 4

Glue your medium cake round to the top of your cake dummy, once again centering the cake round to create a stable cupcake tower. Let the glue dry.

Step 5

Glue the 6-inch-by-4-inch cake dummy to the center of your medium cake round. Let the glue dry before attaching your smallest cake board to the top of the second cake dummy.

Step 6

Let the glue dry before adding sweets to your homemade cupcake stand.


Glue cleats to the bottom cake round to make your cupcake tower easier to move.

Use the same wrapping paper for all three tiers or select a different pattern for each cake round.

Embellish the edges of each cake round with ribbons or silk flowers.

Use square cake dummies and boards for a different look.


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