How to Make a House out of Popsicle Sticks

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Things You'll Need

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Wood glue

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Clamp

  • Ruler

Create an entire miniature house out of ordinary Popsicle sticks.

Making a house out of Popsicle sticks can be an enjoyable and entertaining experience. It doesn't require much money and can provide an atmosphere to hang out with friends and complete a creative project. Most of the materials you will need are found in most households. You can purchase the small items you do not have from a local grocery or craft store with a single trip.


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Step 1

Measure out 2 3/4 inches on four Popsicle sticks from the rounded end to the center.

Step 2

Place two of the sticks 4 inches apart. Place some glue on the top of each stick from the rounded part of the stick to a half inch from the top of the stick.

Step 3

Place five Popsicle sticks on top of the two braces you created above. Press down firmly and let the glue dry for about 15 minutes. Repeat this process with the other two sticks so that you have two sets to use in creating the end walls of the house.


Step 4

Use the scissors to cut four more sticks 2 1/2 inches long.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to apply five sticks to the newly cut beams; you will use this set of sticks to make the long side walls.

Step 6

Cut 10 sticks in half. Glue five of them together, back to back. They should all be glued into a single block. This is to help create a structure for the house. You will need to create four of these for each corner of the house.


Step 7

Create two A-frames with two sets of three sticks. If you do this correctly, the ends of the sticks will not hang over the edges of any other stick and the sticks will form the letter A. Glue the pieces together and allow them to sit for 15 minutes.

Step 8

Lay eight to nine sticks straight across the two A-frames you created. Use two clamps to prop the A-frames up, while you attach the sticks from one A-frame horizontally across to the other A-frame. Do this to both sides and then let the roof sit in the clamps for 15 minutes.


Step 9

Take the end walls created in Step 2 and apply the corner blocks created in Step 6 to the side of each wall. Make sure the sticks face out, with the end walls on the inside of the house. Glue them in place. Do this for all four sides of the two end walls. Wait 15 minutes for the glue to dry.

Step 10

Attach the side walls to the blocks on the end walls. Glue these walls in place as well. You should now have a complete bottom structure for the house consisting of four walls.

Step 11

Place the roof on top of the house and glue it in place by applying some glue on the inside of the corner blocks.