How to Play the Sticky Head Game

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How to Play the Sticky Head Game. The term "icebreaker games" may sound chilly at first, but these party games are actually used to warm-up a crowd of unfamiliar people gathered in a social setting. It is sometimes awkward or even stressful when guests walk into a party where they know very few people. Make things easier by arranging an icebreaker game to relax the guests.


Step 1

Instruct each participant to take a sticky note and secretly write down the name of any famous person--alive or dead.

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Step 2

Gather your participants in a large circle.

Step 3

Request that each person turn to the participant on her right and place her sticky note onto that person's forehead. It is very important that the person wearing the note remain in the dark about whose name is now adhering to her forehead. All participants will see the names stuck onto everyone else's forehead except their own.

Step 4

Select a person to start the game by asking the other players a "yes" or "no" question geared toward helping her figure out whose name is stuck to her forehead. As long as the questioner gets a "yes" response, she should continue to ask questions. Once she receives a "no" response, the next person in the circle gets a chance to ask questions about the person stuck to his forehead.


Step 5

Continue going around the circle with participants asking "yes" or "no" questions until each participant correctly guesses the name on her forehead.


If you're concerned about multiple guests selecting the same famous person, then pre-print the sticky notes yourself and simply hand them out to guests at the beginning of the game. Sticky notes adhere to the forehead in an amusing way and is half the fun. So encourage everyone to keep those notes on their foreheads. Remove or cover mirrors or other reflective surfaces in the room so that participants don't catch an accidental glimpse of the writing on their foreheads.

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