How to Make Fake Stitches for Halloween Makeup

Things You'll Need

  • Black thread

  • Nontoxic white glue

  • Water

  • Small container

  • Paintbrush

  • Tweezers

How to Make Fake Stitches for Halloween Makeup. Use these fake stitches to compliment any gory Halloween costume. There are several methods available to create and apply fake stitches as special effects makeup. The following steps will allow you to create your own scary stitches using materials that you already have at home or can easily be bought at a local craft store.

Step 1

Tie knots along the black thread, leaving about an inch between each knot. Decide how many stitches you want, tying one knot for each stitch. Cut between the knots to create individual stitches.

Step 2

Mix equal parts glue and water in a small container. Place the stitches in the glue mixture, letting them soak as you prepare the skin.

Step 3

Brush the nontoxic glue onto the skin where the stitches will go using a small paintbrush. The thicker you can brush the glue on, the gorier the area will look after the stitches are applied. Allow the glue to begin drying just enough that it becomes tacky.

Step 4

Apply stitches one by one onto the skin, using tweezers. Leave about a half-inch of space between each knotted stitch. Allow the glue to dry completely before adding anything else to the special effects makeup.


Embroidery thread can be pulled apart to desired thickness. Two or three strands will acheive a realistic special effect. Paint fake blood onto and around the stitches for a more realistic look. Eyebrow pencil can be used to draw any detail needed over the dried glue, or even onto the skin before applying the glue.