How to Make an Ocean in a Bottle

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 liter plastic bottle

  • Water

  • Funnel

  • Blue food coloring

  • Mineral oil

  • Sea shells

  • Rocks

  • Sand

  • Glue gun

How to Make an Ocean in a Bottle. Most kids love water, especially big bodies of water like the ocean. If you can't bring your child to the ocean then consider bringing that big body of water to your child. Together, you and your child can make a simple replica of the ocean in a bottle. Ocean bottles are fun to make and can entertain kids for hours. They are also a good way to teach children about the ocean's ecosystem. Read on to learn how to make an ocean in a bottle.


Step 1

Clean out your plastic bottle. Remove the label and adhesive residue. You may need to use rubbing alcohol to completely remove the adhesive.

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Step 2

Funnel sand into your bottle. You'll need enough sand to spread across the bottom of the bottle when it lays on its side.

Step 3

Add sea shells, small rocks and little sea toys.

Step 4

Mix blue food coloring and water in a separate bottle until you achieve a clear blue color resembling the ocean.

Step 5

Turn your bottle upright and watch all of the sand and material fall to the bottom of the bottle.


Step 6

Pour the blue water into your bottle until it's filled about two thirds of the way to the top. Pour mineral oil into the bottle until the level of the fluid reaches the opening of the bottleneck.

Step 7

Use a hot glue gun to seal the cap back onto the bottle. Allow the glue to dry and then turn the bottle on its side and watch the material move around until it settles.


Put a dowel or pencil under the center of the bottle and rock it back and forth making waves.


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