How to Plan an Adult 70's Theme Party

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If you want to throw a fabulous adult 70's party, remember every little detail counts. If you need advice for the invitations, decorations, food set up, and entertainment, I've put together some tips that will help make your party a hit.

Step 1

Create your guest list; this is the foundation of your party planning.


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Step 2

Your invitations can be purchased from a party supply store or for a more personal touch create them on a computer. Most word processing software has party invitation templates or you can download the templates. Be sure to send out your invitations early and include R.S.V.P. A week before your party place calls to anyone that hasn't responded.


Step 3

One of the fun parts of planning a 70's party is the decorations. Hang disco door danglers or beads on your front door and guest bathroom door. Place a mixture of Disco wall decorations in the windows and on the party room walls. Hang Disco lanterns in the party room. Decorate the food table with a Disco table skirt and a disco centerpiece. Don't forget to hang a Disco ball in the party room and for that special effect, put a black strobe light the party room as well.


Step 4

To help set the mood of the party have a variety of 70's music playing in the background. There are some great websites that you can download the music.

Step 5

To keep the party jumping have a mixture of entertainment. Rent a Karaoke machine and music, the prices range from $70.00 - $400.00 plus deposit. Print out a Signup sheet for your guests and announce each person, trio or group that sings. To help break the ice play a game of Charades, you can buy an update board game version of charades, such as movie charades, music charades, or gesture charades. To keep the party moving, have card games, board games like battle of the sexes, or dominos available.