How to Build a Shed on Skids

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Things You'll Need

  • Plan

  • Lumber

  • Shovel

  • Tape measure

  • Circular saw

  • Hammer

  • Nails

  • Level

  • Paint

How to Build a Shed on Skids. Building your own shed can be a rewarding process. This project takes time and patience, but it can save you a lot of money to build one yourself. If you build your shed on skids you ensure that your shed will be easy to move if necessary. Follow these steps to learn how to build a shed on skids.


Step 1

Choose a pre-made shed plan or design your own. Make sure that the area of the shed will hold all of the items you are planning to put in it plus have room left over for other items that you may need to store. Ensure that you follow the plans carefully and buy all of the materials necessary for the job.

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Step 2

Find the spot where you want to put your shed and ensure that the spot is level. Prepare an area that is 12 inches wider and longer than the dimensions of your planned shed. Remove 4 inches of soil from your measured area and fill it with 4 inches of gravel. Spread the gravel evenly and check to ensure it is level. Gravel will allow water to drain and keep your shed's wood dry.


Step 3

Measure and cut the boards for the skids frame. Lay plywood over the top of the skids to form a floor. Ensure that the floor is level.

Step 4

Make a wall frame on even ground and place the studs 2 feet apart. While the wall frame is still on the ground attach noggings in between the studs. Raise the walls and attach them to the floor. You may need to brace the walls while you attach them to the floor. Make sure the edges are flush.


Step 5

Build the roof according to the plans you have chosen. Attach the roof support beams to the walls. Connect the rafter and ensure that they are plumb, or vertically alligned. Attach roof noggings in between the rafters, cover with roof sheathing and decking. After you have attached the roof you can put shingles or mineral coated tarpaper on it.

Step 6

Add trim and paint if you would like to give your shed a unique look.


Before you begin building your shed check to see if your state requires a building permit, some states require a permit if a building is over a certain size.


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