How to Make a Goofy Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Brown shoe coverings

  • Wool "dog ears"

  • Medium blue pants

  • Burgundy vest

  • Orange shirt

  • Thick white gloves

How to Make a Goofy Costume. Goofy, the floppy-eared lovable dog, joins Minnie, Mickey and Donald Duck as one of Disney's most identifiable characters. While some stores offer ready-made Goofy costumes, putting together your own costume can be fun. Make your own unisex version of Goofy for Halloween or any party or event by following the simple instructions below.


Step 1

Use a thick, warm orange material, such as flannel or velour, to make the shirt. Avoid buttons, even if they're discreetly hidden. A pullover style will give the illusion of a dog's coat more effectively for this costume.

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Step 2

Buy or make a burgundy or red vest to contrast the shirt. Try a slightly lighter fabric than the one used for the shirt.

Step 3

Find white gloves to serve as substitute paws. Any pair will work, but a thicker material will look better. Draw markings on the fingers.

Step 4

Make or buy baggy medium blue colored pants. They should stop right above the ankle.


Step 5

Cut out long, black ears from wool, felt or another thick material. Sew the ears onto a puffy "chef's hat" made of a similar fabric. You may stitch or embroider the moniker "Goofy" on the hat brim for added effect.

Step 6

Finish the outfit with light brown work boots or ankle-length suede boots. If you don't have a pair in your closet already, try browsing thrift shops or other bargain clothing and shoe stores. Cover the eyelets and laces with plush brown material in the same color. You can also cover a pair of regular shoes with plush brown coverings.


Add a "Goofy" mask from your local party or costume shop to complete the look.


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