How to Play Guesstures

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How to Play Guesstures. Guesstures takes charades to a completely new level. You'll be jumping up and down trying to make your team guess the right word. It's easy to learn and quick to play, so it's the perfect game whether you have a big group or just a few friends over. Read on to learn how to play Guesstures.


Step 1

Divide into two teams. Teams don't have to be even, so an odd number can still play. The teams will alternate turns and send a different actor to Guessture each time.

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Step 2

Grab four cards from the blue deck when it's your turn to Guessture. There will be two words written on every card--pick one from each card you will act out. This gives you a total of four words to Guessture.


Step 3

Set the Mimer-Timer on a table in front of you and open the arm. Push up the switch and wind it as far as it will go.

Step 4

Place your four cards in the Mimer-Timer. Put them in order from easiest to hardest with the easiest on the left.


Step 5

Start the timer by putting the arm down on the Mimer-Timer. Begin to Guessture and get your team to shout out the word on your card.

Step 6

Grab the card once your team shouts out the word but be quick. If you're too slow the card will drop into the Mimer-Timer and you won't get any points for that word--even if your team guessed correctly.


Step 7

Tally the points you were able to get your team to guess. Enter that number on the side of the Mimer-Timer under scene one.

Step 8

Follow Steps 2 to 6 for team two.

Step 9

Start scene two once everyone has Guesstured once. Choose cards from the red deck this time. Play continues as in Steps 2 to 7 for scene two.

Step 10

Count all the points on the side of the Mimer-Timer after completing scene two. The team with the highest score wins.


Each card you draw will list two words combined with two numbers. The numbers represent the point values of the words. If you get your team to guess the word and you grab the card in time, you'll earn your team that stated number of points. For an even quicker version, try electronic Guesstures. There's no Mimer-Timer to set up or cards to draw. You'll just get one word at a time and once you've Guesstured that word, you push a button for the next word. You're given 30 seconds to act out as many words as possible.