How to Toast Hamburger Buns

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How to Toast Hamburger Buns
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You perfected your burger-grilling technique long ago. Isn't it time that your hamburger buns caught up with the meat? Toasting your hamburger buns ups your cookout game, giving your juicy burgers the perfect crispy contrast. Test out different methods of toasting buns to find your favorite option.


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Prep Your Hamburger Buns

Start with quality hamburger buns for the best toasting results. Freshly baked buns taste the best whether toasted or untoasted. You can use white, wheat, potato or other varieties of buns based on your taste preferences.

If you buy presliced buns, pull the two sides apart to reveal the cut sides. If they're not already cut, use a serrated knife to slice the buns in half. Decide if you want to toast the buns plain or add a spread to them first. Plain buns work, but they can be a little dry and bland, whereas the spreads can add flavor.


Melted butter is the go-to spread for prepping buns for toasting. Brush a layer of butter on both sides right before toasting them. Mayo is an alternative to butter. Toasting buns with mayo keeps them from sticking to grills and other surfaces. It also adds flavor to the buns. Stick with a thin layer of mayo to keep the buns from getting too greasy.

Toast Buns in the Oven

Your can easily toast buns in the oven if you're cooking your meal indoors. You have two options with the oven: general heat to make the buns crispy overall or a short time under the broiler for a golden-brown finish. You can also use a similar method in a toaster oven.


For general oven heating, put the buns in a 350-degree-Fahrenheit oven. They'll need about five minutes to get toasty. You can also wrap them in aluminum foil to keep them from getting too hard. Check on the buns periodically to make sure they don't cross into rock-hard territory.

For the broiler method, arrange the buns on a baking sheet with the cut sides facing up. Slip the buns under the preheated broiler for only about 30 seconds. Stay close, as food under the broiler quickly goes from golden brown to burnt.


Toast Buns on the Grill

Did you already fire up the grill for your burgers? Keep it going to get the toasty buns you're craving. As soon as you pull off the burgers, put the buns in their place.

It'll take about one minute to get a nice char on the buns. Keep a close eye on the hamburger buns to make sure they don't burn, checking them every 15 to 30 seconds. You can grill just the cut sides or both sides of the bun.


Toast Buns on the Stove Top

Turn your burner to medium to quickly toast a few buns in a skillet. Anything higher can cause the buns to burn. Give the skillet time to heat up before you put your buns in it. You can also use an electric skillet or griddle also heated to medium.

Place the cut sides onto the hot skillet. Lift the buns after about 10 seconds to check the color. You want a light golden-brown color. If it's too light for your taste, put them back in the skillet for a few more seconds.


Toast Buns in an Air Fryer

That air fryer that's sitting on your countertop is another way to make your buns toasty. To toast hamburger buns in an air fryer, preheat the appliance to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Put the buns in the air fryer compartment. Cook them for about three minutes. Check the buns to see if they're crispy enough for your preferences. Cook them longer if necessary.