How to Play Pranks With Super Glue

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How to Play Pranks With Super Glue. As April Fool's day rolls around, folks begin thinking of creative ways to play a fun, harmless prank. Out comes the super glue, which has a million uses, some of them amusing and some more functional. Super glue can be a hilarious addition to your April Fool's holiday, as long as you agree to play it safe and think about the consequences of what you're doing before you do it.


Step 1

Use one of the most common super glue pranks ever. This prank is very popular and totally harmless. Get a few coins (quarters work best) and glue them to the ground. Then sit back and watch the fun!

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Step 2

Glue food or drinks bottles/cans/cartons to a table, counter or cupboard surface. Your subjects will be baffled when they go to grab these objects.


Step 3

Glue part of a deck of card together. This will cause consternation when someone goes to deal, play, or show you a card trick.

Step 4

Try the same prank with other "grabbed" objects like pens or screwdrivers. You can adapt this trick to the office or shop, gluing whatever your co-workers will likely reach for during the day.


Step 5

Try a "computer/super glue" prank. You'll want to practice moderation for this one to avoid any damage to property. Put a little bit of super glue at the corners of a computer mouse, just beyond where the laser or roller device is located. Do the prank only with vinyl mouse pads that you will be able to replace later. When someone goes to use their mouse, the mouse pad will come with it.


Some super glue pranks are less harmful than others. Don't get involved in anything that might get legally tricky. One common example? Gluing locks. Many pranksters have done the lock-glue trick only to be held liable for the high costs of replacing locks at a school or other property. Evaluate your pranks before you start to make sure they will be funny and not have serious consequences.



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