How to Host a Homecoming Party

How to Host a Homecoming Party. Homecoming is the highlight of the Fall season. It is when everyone breaks out their school spirit and joins together to support their home team. Hosting a homecoming party is a great way to bring your friends and family together for a few hours of laughing, eating, drinking and reliving highlights from the homecoming game. Follow these steps to host a homecoming party.

Step 1

Learn when homecoming weekend is and determine when you want to host your homecoming party. Homecoming parties can be hosted before or after the big game.

Step 2

Determine what type of homecoming party you want to have. You can host a homecoming tailgate party, a pre-homecoming game party, a post-game party or a themed homecoming party.

Step 3

Create your invitations. Use school colors, insignias and mascots in the design of your invitations. Provide all of the information that your guests will need to know when the party is, where the party will be held and what they can expect at the party. For example, if you are hosting a fancy dress homecoming party then your invitation will want to include guest requirements such as "face paint or body paint required" or "school colors required for entry." Have fun with these invitations as they will set the tone for the party.

Step 4

Buy your food, drinks and decorations well in advance of your party, especially if homecoming is a college or university event. Prep appetizers and marinade meat the day before your party to reduce how much you have to do on party day.

Step 5

Set up your homecoming party about an hour before you expect your first guests to arrive. There are always early birds to contend with, and you want to greet each guest with enthusiasm.

Step 6

Dress up for your homecoming party. The host should reflect the theme, tone and spirit of the party.

Step 7

Greet each guest with enthusiasm and welcome them to your homecoming party. Let them know where they can find food, drinks and party favors. If there will be party games inform your guests when they first arrive to prepare them for the fun ahead.

Step 8

Lead school cheers, fun homecoming party games and introduce people who don't know one another as the party progresses. Replenish the food and drink supplies as they dwindle. Check with your guests periodically to see if they need anything.

Step 9

Offer doggy bags and party treat bags to your guests as they leave. Keep an up-beat spirit as you thank your guests for coming. After the last guest has gone you can sit down and relax for a minute before tackling the clean-up.