How to Make a Dumbledore Costume

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As one of the most powerful magical beings in the Harry Potter world and the greatest Headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore is easily the quintessential representation of a classical wizard persona, and a likely costume choice for any Harry Potter themed party, Halloween celebration, or die-hard fan.


Things You'll Need

  • Wig (long and white)

  • Beard (long and white)

  • Small hat

  • Long purple robe

  • House shoes

  • Spectacles, specifically half-moon shaped

  • Rings (optional)

  • Wand

  • Blue contacts (optional)

  • Fake nose (optional)

  • Old age makeup kit (optional)

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Step 1

Put on the very long white wig and beard. Gather the beard about halfway down and tie it off with something simple, lightweight but slightly feminine. Dumbledore's nose was rumored to have been broken when he was younger, so apply an overly dramatized fake nose in addition to using an old age makeup kit to resemble Dumbldore's age. If desired, pop in some brilliant blue contacts to mirror the wizard's own.

Video of the Day


If you want to get really crafty and show your knowledge of the books, paint your right hand black to show the curse Dumbledore received during his last year of life when he encountered Marvolo Gaunt's ring, which turned out to be one of Voldemort's horcruxes.

Step 2

Dumbledore's clothing, though oftentimes flamboyant in its color or design, is very simple. He's often seen in very lightweight, single-layered fabrics -- sometimes in only a dressing gown. For a typical representation, don a periwinkle or lavender-colored, floor-length, dress-like robe. Scour bohemian-styled/hippie-like thrift shops and discount stores to find something that speaks to the wizard's aesthetic.


Step 3

Accessories will pull the whole look together, starting with his signature half-moon spectacles. To add whimsy and to fully envelop Dumbledore's comfy and carefree attitude, slip your feet into some house shoes. Adorn the top of your head with a small, beret-like cap with a tassel to continue the whimsical and authentic nature. He's often seen wearing a few rings on each hand as well. No wizard is complete without his wand. Dumbledore wielded the Elder wand, but any stick-like prop will do.


Dumbledore was known for his love of sweets, so carry around a bag of lemon drops or cockroach clusters (one of his favorites) and pop them into your mouth in true Dumbledore style.