How to Recover a Lampshade

Take your lampshade from boring to stylish in a few easy steps. Recovering an old lampshade is a great way to add some newness to your home and it takes no time at all.

Give your lampshade a new look. (Image: Marisa Hice)

Things You'll Need

  • Lampshade

  • Fabric (approximately 1 yard depending on your lampshade size)

  • Paper

  • Pen or pencil

  • Scissors

  • Adhesive spray

  • Clothespins

Step 1

Remove trim to start with a flat, clean surface. (Image: Marisa Hice)

Remove any decorations or trims from your old lampshade. You want to begin with a clean, flat surface for the new shade fabric to go on smoothly.

Step 2

Use measuring tape to measure each side of the shade. (Image: Marisa Hice)

Measure the length and width of your shade so you know how big to make your paper pattern.

Step 3

Cut out your pattern and pin to the fabric. (Image: Marisa Hice)

Draw out the dimensions of your shade onto your paper to make the pattern. This shade is 11" x 17". You will want to add seam allowances so that the fabric can fold over the edges of the shade. Add 1" to each side of the pattern so the total width of the rectangle is 13" x 19". Cut out your pattern, pin in to your fabric, and cut around it.

Step 4

Fold back the seam allowance and iron flat. (Image: Marisa Hice)

Iron your fabric so it is free from wrinkles. On the shorter edges, fold back the seam allowance 1" for a nice, straight fold line. This will make a clean join seam when you attach the fabric to the shade.

Step 5

Line up the lampshade edge with the fabric edge. (Image: Marisa Hice)

Lie your fabric flat, spray adhesive onto it and place your lampshade down onto the fabric. You will want to line up the edge of the shade with the folded edge of your fabric.

Step 6

Use clothespins to hold fabric in place. (Image: Marisa Hice)

Keep spraying adhesive on each new section of fabric and roll your lampshade over the fabric. Fold the edges of the fabric over the top and bottom of the shade and secure with clothespins. Smooth out any wrinkles you find on each section before continuing to the next section.

Step 7

Enjoy your new shade! (Image: Marisa Hice)

Remove the clothespins and make sure the fabric is secured to the shade and you're done.