How to Clean a Paint Palette

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Things You'll Need

  • Well-ventilated room

  • Clean rags

  • Turpentine

  • Razor blade

Clean a Paint Palette

How to Clean a Paint Palette. As much as you may try to keep your palette clean, it's easy to forget occasionally and end up with a palette covered in rock hard dried oil paints. Dried oil paint is never easy to clean, but with some turpentine and a razor blade you can get it back to a usable state again.


Step 1

Wipe the palette clean after each painting session to prevent oil paint from crusting onto the palette in the first place. You can use some turpentine or linseed oil and a rag to remove all paint residue.

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Step 2

Start with a well ventilated room. Open windows in the room and set up a window fan, if you have one. Breathing in turpentine fumes is hazardous to your health.


Step 3

Wipe up any excess paint that hasn't yet dried onto the palette.

Step 4

Use a clean rag to dab turpentine onto the dried oil paint.

Step 5

Allow the turpentine to soak into the dried oil paint for about 30 minutes.


Step 6

Scrape the softened dried paint off the palette with a razor blade.

Step 7

Consider using disposable palettes, if you find that you often forget to clean up well after a painting session. Cheap plastic palettes can be purchased from craft stores, or you can cover a wooden palette with plastic wrap. You could also try a pad of palette paper.

Step 8

Soak a paint palette covered in dried acrylic paint in fabric softener. The paint will soften and come off very easily.



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