How to Make a Little Orphan Annie Costume

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How to Make a Little Orphan Annie Costume. When most people think of Little Orphan Annie, they imagine of a little curly redheaded girl singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow." Simply adding a few details to your outfit makes that little redheaded orphan costume easy to make. Below are two different versions of the costume: Annie as an orphan and Annie in the red dress.

Annie as an orphan

Step 1

Wear a curly red wig. Annie had short tight curly hair. If you already have red hair, you're one step ahead.

Step 2

Apply dirt or makeup to your face and hands to make you look dirty.

Step 3

Find a dingy button up dress to wear. Add stains and wrinkle it up before it's time to wear. Remember you want to look like an orphan.

Step 4

Add an old apron and cardigan sweater.

Step 5

Pull one of your socks up to your knee and leave to other down. Add old brown shoes or old lace up boots.

Step 6

Place a broken locket around your neck as an added detail. You can also carry a pail with a rag in your hand since Little Orphan Annie did a lot of cleaning at the orphanage.

Step 7

Add a shaggy dog adds to the costume to represent Sandy if possible.

Annie in her red dress

Step 1

Wear a red curly wig.

Step 2

Buy or sew a red collared dress that comes just above the knees. Add a white belt around the waist.

Step 3

Add a heart-shaped locket around your neck. White socks or tights and black patent leather shoes go great with this costume.

Step 4

Don't forget to add a shaggy dog by your side.