How to Organize a Cake Walk

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Things You'll Need

  • Large open area, such as a gym or parking lot

  • Several donated cakes

  • Tape or chalk

  • Tickets

  • Paper scraps with numbers

  • Music

  • Basket

  • Consolation prizes

How to Organize a Cake Walk. Hosting a cake walk is a great fundraising idea for schools and other non-profit groups. A cake walk is similar to musical chairs. People purchase a ticket to participate in one round of a cake walk, and the winner gets to select a cake. A cake walk is great way to garner community support and have fun at the same time.

Getting Started

Step 1

Find the perfect location to hold the cake walk. You will need a lot of space for participants and cake tables. Select a school gymnasium, parking lot, park or community center.

Step 2

Ask for cake donations from community members and local bakeries or grocery stores. You need at least ten cakes to make a decent profit.

Step 3

Mark off a large square on the ground with tape or chalk. Divide the perimeter of the square into 20 smaller squares (five on each side). Number each smaller square 1 through 20.

Step 4

Place scraps of paper, numbered 1 through 20 in a basket.

Step 5

Sell tickets for one round of your cake walk. Ticket prices should be between 25 cents and one dollar. The more cakes you have, the more rounds you can have, so the less you need to charge.

Conducting The Cake Walk

Step 1

Organize participants into a group of twenty. Every person should stand on one of the numbered squares.

Step 2

Play some lively music and instruct participants to walk around the square until the music stops. Then each participant should stop on a numbered square.

Step 3

Pull a numbered piece of paper from the basket. The person standing on the corresponding numbered square gets to select a cake to take home.

Step 4

Give all the other participants a small consolation prize, such as cupcake, and then organize a new round, with people buying a numbered square once more. Continue until all the cakes have been sold.


If the cake walk is benefiting a children's group or school, encourage kids to make their own cakes to donate. They will enjoy helping out.