How to Make a Yosemite Sam Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Large cowboy hat

  • Red hair or red wig

  • Western shirt

  • Blue jeans

  • Belt with gold buckle

  • Cowboy boots

  • Fake guns & holster

How to Make a Yosemite Sam Costume. Many people remember Yosemite Sam as the feisty, redheaded cowboy with a hair-trigger temper from the Looney Tunes cartoons created in the 1940s. This colorful character makes a great Halloween costume, which is very simple to create and requires no sewing. Work on your belligerent attitude and gruff Southern drawl to top it off.


Step 1

Get a hat. Yosemite Sam is always seen wearing a very large, light-colored cowboy hat. The larger the brim of the hat, the more authentic it'll look. Check out local thrift stores, costume stores or yard sales to find a big old cowboy hat with a large brim that you can use for the costume.

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Step 2

Style the hair. Famous for his enormous red mustache and bright red hair, Yosemite Sam must have hair, and lots of it. If you aren't already a redhead with a huge mustache, check out the Halloween aisle for red wigs. If the wig is long, cut off the lower portion of the wig just below the ears. Use the extra "hair" to fashion a handlebar mustache. Facial glue will help the mustache to stick to your upper lip.


Step 3

Make the outfit. It's easy to put together Yosemite Sam's cowboy outfit from items you may already have. Put on the shirt, tuck it into the jeans and position the belt and gold buckle so that it's clearly visible. Pull on the cowboy boots, tucking the pant legs into each of the boots.


Step 4

Grab your (fake) guns. Large rubber guns are available at gag stores, Halloween supply stores and in toy aisles. Find one or two that don't look too real and are somewhat oversized. Sometimes Yosemite Sam waves his guns around, making silly threats, and sometimes he has them put safely away in his holsters. You may want to stick with the holsters to keep your hands free.


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