How to Draw With Conte Crayons

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Things You'll Need

  • Conte crayons

  • Drawing paper with tooth (roughness)

  • Blending stumps and tortillions

  • Small knife

  • Paper towels

Draw With Conte Crayons

How to Draw With Conte Crayons. Conte crayons are crayons for grown-ups. The genuine article is made of graphite and clay in red, brown and black. Fortunately, there are imitations in even more colors. The following steps will help you draw with Conte crayons.


Step 1

Buy the best set you can find. This probably means the most expensive set, but it doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy the biggest set. Start with just a few crayons until you are sure you want to continue using them.

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Step 2

Break the crayons. Unless you're working on a very large drawing, the entire crayon is too big to work with for most people. By breaking it, you can use the side of the crayon to fill in an area quickly.


Step 3

Sharpen the crayons carefully with a small, sharp knife.

Step 4

Hold the crayon between your thumb and first finger with the end resting in your palm. This keeps the tip low on the page, creating a more satisfying line. Turn the crayon as necessary.


Step 5

Build up color by going over the same area until the paper is holding as much color as it can. Be careful not to put too much color on. There is sometimes a fine line between too little and too much. If you have too much color built up, loosen it with a crumpled piece of paper towel, then flick the paper to make the dust fall off. Don't let the dust resettle on the paper.

Step 6

Smooth the lines with your finger, blending stump, tortillion or a bit of paper towel.


Clean off your crayons before using them so you don't accidentally lay down a color that rubbed off from another project. Wash your hands often and take care not to rest your hands or arms on the paper.



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