How to Make a Stethoscope Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine

  • 34-by-6.5 inch piece of fabric in choice of pattern or solid

  • 1-by-1 inch square of Velcro (sew on type only) or a two-piece snap closure

  • 2.5 inches of coordinating elastic

  • Snap setter tool (optional)

How to Make a Stethoscope Cover. Maybe you know someone in the medical field and you'd like to brighten her day with a small gift. A stethoscope cover is great gift for yourself or others. It can make the stethoscope more comfortable, it shows a bit of personality and it also makes a stethoscope easier to identify. Making a stethoscope cover or sleeve is quick and easy and will brighten anyone's day.


Step 1

Iron the entire piece of fabric. Pull the two shorter ends inward and iron a 1/2-inch crease on each side.

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Step 2

Hem each of the shorter sides where the creases were made using a single stitch with a sewing machine.

Step 3

Turn the fabric inside out. Bring the two longer edges together and using a single stitch, sew along the edge of the fabric creating a tube about three inches wide.

Step 4

Sew the Velcro pieces opposite each other at one end of the tube. This will attach at the top of the stethoscope cover to keep it in place and from falling down. If using snap closures, use a snap tool to place them opposite of each other at one end making sure to center them.


Step 5

Fold the elastic in half. Sew the two edges of the elastic to the other end of the tube, opposite of the Velcro or snap end, to create a narrow "cuff" at the end of the tube.

Step 6

Bring the fabric right-side out. Thread the stethoscope "sleeve" over the rubber portion of the stethoscope by putting the head of the scope into the end with the Velcro or snap and pulling the fabric upwards so the Velcro is at the top and the elastic cuff is at the bottom. The rubber tubing of the stethoscope will be enclosed in the cover or sleeve.


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