How to Make a Bigfoot Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Dark brown sweat suit

  • Brown fur

  • Black work gloves

  • Wig

  • Gorilla mask

  • Scissors

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

  • Slippers

  • Glue (optional)

How to Make a Bigfoot Costume. Bigfoot is a legend, and a scary one at that. For guaranteed thrills, you can craft a Bigfoot costume by hand and make sure that all the details are just right. Don't forget to make your costume look as impressive as possible by adding lots of shaggy fur. Read on to learn more.


Learn More About Bigfoot

Step 1

Know that Bigfoot is also know as sasquatch. It is said to inhabit forests in North America.

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Step 2

Know that Bigfoot is usually described as being seven to ten feet tall, with dark shaggy hair.


Step 3

Keep in mind that Bigfoot also has a pronounced brow ridge, low-set eyes and a short neck.

Make the Bigfoot Costume

Step 1

Take a dark brown sweat suit and turn it inside out. This will give you the fuzzy appearance you need for a Bigfoot costume.


Step 2

Cut your sweatshirt open at the side and arm seams until it lies flat.

Step 3

Cut a piece or several pieces of brown fur to match the sweatshirt.

Step 4

Baste the fur to the sweatshirt along the edge seam and then stitch the sweatshirt back together with the fur attached.


Step 5

Cut open the sweatpants at the side seams until they lie flat. Then cut brown fur to match the open sweatpants.

Step 6

Baste the fur to the sweatpants along the outer seams. Then re-stitch the pants together.


Step 7

Cut pieces of fur for the black work gloves. You'll need an oval of fur for the backs of the hands and tufts of fur at the fingers.

Step 8

Glue the fur to the work gloves.

Step 9

Add a large, shaggy brown wig to your costume. It should reach to shoulder level and be somewhat long and disheveled.


Step 10

Top off your Bigfoot suit with a gorilla mask. You can also wear a caveman mask if you can find one.

Step 11

Wear a pair of brown slippers to complete the look.

Get in Character

Step 1

Remember that Bigfoot is a bipedal apelike creature. Try swinging your arms and grunting slightly to add to the "apelike" effect.


Step 2

Stand tall. Consider padding your shoulders to add to the hulking effect.

Step 3

Be confident. The more "in character" you are, the easier it will be to look just like Bigfoot.


If you don't know how to sew, you can cut out pieces of fur to fit sections of your sweatshirt and glue the pieces on with fabric glue.



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