How to Make a Lisa Simpson Costume

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Create the Lisa Simpson look with hair products or a headpiece craft, a few cosmetics, a handful of craft items and no-sew alterations to inexpensive clothing. Lisa Simpson, middle child of Homer and Marge, is a smart, idealistic, socially conscious, saxophone playing feminist who some ways is also a typical 8-year-old -- she's had over two decades of practice at it in the satirical sitcom. The Lisa costume displays the dichotomy that is Lisa Simpson.


Shades of Yellow

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Create the Simpson Skin

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To get that sunshiny Simpson skin, apply FDA-approved face paint to the face and neck, following label instructions.

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Substitute With Makeup

Alternatively, powder or brush yellow eye shadow on the face after applying foundation, or cover the face with a yellow-toned concealer.


If you use face paint, ensure it's cosmetic-grade and FDA-approved or 100 percent organic certified, and patch-test first. If you're applying makeup to a child's face, opt for a hypoallergenic brand. Remove all makeup before bed.

Arms, Legs and Chest

Wear Yellow Garments

Wear yellow tights, gloves and a long-sleeve top.


Improvise if Necessary

If you can more easily acquire these items in white, dye them yellow following package instructions.

Creating Lisa's Wide-Eyed Look

Things You'll Need

  • White cream eye shadow or concealer

  • Black eyeliner -- pencil or liquid

Draw Eye Circles

Draw a white circle around each eye, including the eyebrows, eyelids and a proportionate area underneath and the face on the outer sides.


Color in the Circles

Using the white makeup, color in the circles, covering the eyebrows as well.

Create Lisa's Eyelashes

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Using the black eyeliner, draw three straight lines for eyelashes at the top of each circle, extending upward about an inch.


Little Red Dress

Things You'll Need

  • Dress: A-line, knee-length, strapless red dress

  • Sewing scissors

  • Safety pins, medium-size


Alternatively, use an A-Line red skirt that's large enough to hike up the waistband over the chest, while the hemline reaches the knees. Or use a dress of another color that you can dye red, following manufacturer's instructions.

Zigzag the Lisa Costume

Cut a zigzag around the hem of the dress. Make the pattern large enough to stand out, as it does on the cartoon character -- about one-sixth of the length of the dress. Width-wise, the bottom of one V to the next should be about the length of your hand.



Secure the Dress

Prevent the strapless dress from falling down by adhering it to the yellow long-sleeve top: Lift the top edge of the bodice on one side, and slip a medium-size safety pin through this underside of the material -- so it doesn't show on the front -- and through the top worn underneath the dress; then fasten. Repeat on the other side.


Add Some Pins if Needed

If the top of the dress creeps down, add two more pins closer to the center so the bodice line is even.

Lisa's Iconic Necklace

You can make your Lisa costume's large-pearled choker-style necklace with any number of things:


  • Thrift-store string of large faux pearls or white beads.
  • Natural-toned round wood beads -- about 1 inch in diameter. Spray with white paint, and string on a piece of yarn.
  • Using a large-eyed needle and yarn, string 1-inch styrofoam balls.
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Lisa's necklace is not suitable children under 5 years of age, as the beads present a choking hazard.

Red Mary Janes

Obtain Lisa's MJ Shoes

Find shoes that mimic the Mary Jane style -- rounded toe with a buckle over the top of the foot. A Buddhist and animal activist, Lisa Simpson doesn't wear leather, meaning you needn't spend a bundle for these shoes. Make comfort a priority, especially if the Lisa costume is for a child, and choose this style made of fabric and cushiony soles. Or look for vinyl or faux leather.


Alternative Lisa Shoes

If you can't find an inexpensive pair of Mary Jane-style shoes in red, paint them red. You'll need fine sandpaper and red, fabric paint.

Sand and Paint

Gently sand the shoes first.

Brush on red fabric paint.

Seal the Paint

After the fabric paint dries, seal it by brushing on a decoupage glue made for outdoor use.

The Hair

For Lisa's signature triangular-spike hair, work with the person's real hair, or create a crown of triangles:

Liberated Lisa Spikes

Use a hair product intended for spiking hair to create triangle shaped spikes sticking straight out from the head, much like liberty spikes. Begin just above the neck on the side, going over the head and down the other side. Paint or spray on a temporary bright yellow hair color.

Spiky Headpiece

Things You'll Need

  • Headband, wide

  • Soft foam with a depth that is approximately the width of the headband

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun and glue

  • Yellow spray paint

Lay the headband on the foam. Trace around the outside of the headband. Draw triangles extending up from the top and outward from the sides. Cut out the headpiece. Hot glue the foam to the hairband. Spray with yellow paint.



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