How to Wear 9/11 Commemorative Ribbons

Wear 9/11 Commemorative Ribbons
Wear 9/11 Commemorative Ribbons

How to Wear 9/11 Commemorative Ribbons. 9/11 commemorative ribbons, also known as "loyalty ribbons," first appeared a few days after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 as a way to not only express grief over the tragic events, but also to show solidarity and support for the United States. Wearing a 9/11 commemorative ribbon with its vibrant red, white and blue motif is an excellent way to show your patriotism.

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Make your own 9/11 commemorative ribbon using your own design or a variation on existing ribbons. Experiment by making your design out of separate red, white and blue ribbons to give it a layered effect or add decorative pins to give it a more personalized look.

Vary the coloring of the ribbon you wear to symbolize different aspects of commemorating 9/11. For instance, some people wear purple ribbons to remember 9/11 because it combines the strength of red and the tranquility of blue and also because it reminds people of The Purple Heart military commendation.

Consider making and selling your ribbons if you come up with a particularly striking design that others respond to favorably and then donate the proceeds to your favorite 9/11 charity.

Purchase your commemorative ribbons from a one of a variety of sources, including department stores, art and crafts supplies and even online websites specializing in patriotic merchandise. Online auction sites may be a particularly good source since there is a great deal of trading activity for patriotic merchandise such as pins, coins, stamps and photos.

Choose to wear a commemorative ribbon that varies from the original designs in order to combine more than one message about your patriotism. For instance, you can add a small cross or Star of David pin to your ribbon to express your religious beliefs or you can add a symbolic icon such as the American Flag, the Statue of Liberty, the Twin Towers, a bald eagle or the Pentagon.

Consider commemorating a specific aspect of 9/11. One particular design features the number "93" to honor the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.

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